Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The WA7BFN Yaesu Fusion repeater system is privately owned by Duff-WA7BFN. His repeater is a Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts affiliated repeater. That means the operating guidelines and rules described on this site, apply to this repeater.

The WA7BFN Yaesu Fusion Repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X repeater system complete with HRI-200 Wires-X Internet interface for linking to other Fusion nodes, and an add-on D-STAR module that allows it to repeat D-STAR and other types of digital transmissions as well. It has an ircddbgateway interface that allows it to connect to D-STAR (REF and XRF) reflectors. It cannot bridge between Yaesu digital and D-STAR digital transmissions, only one type at a time. It can automatically recognize the type of transmission being heard and route the transmission through the proper internet interface.

Repeater Usage Information
Primary Control Operator Rollin "Duff" Johnson, WA7BFN
Output Frequency 145.150 Mhz
Input Frequency 144.550 Mhz
Analog/Digital Mode Yeasu: Auto/Auto D-STAR: Digital Only
TX Power Medium (25W)
Antenna Vertical gain antenna in tall tree
CTCSS (PL) Tone None - Not Applicable
Tone Squelch Encoding None
Wires-X Support Yes - HRI-200 Enabled
Wires-X Node Number 11993
Wires-X Internet Linking Fully Supported
Normally Connected to #21375 [-WESTCOASTLINK-]
D-STAR Reflector Support Yes - ircddbgateway by G4KLX. REF and XRF reflectors supported
DTMF Tone for Disconnect
DTMF Tone for Connect