Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The WA7BFN D-STAR repeater system is privately owned by Duff-WA7BFN. His repeater is a Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts affiliated repeater. That means the operating guidelines and rules described on this site, apply to this repeater.

The WA7BFN D-STAR Repeater is an authentic ICOM RP3 repeater system complete with DPLUS gateway to provide Internet linking to other DPLUS gateways and reflectors. Currently, the gateway is programmed to connect to our home reflector, REF029 Module A. You can tell your D-STAR using friends, anywhere in the world, to connect their hotspots or repeaters to reflector REF029A and you will be able to talk to them on this repeater.

Repeater Usage Information
Primary Control Operator Duff Johnson - WA7BFN (Assisted by Randy - W4LKS)
Output Frequency 444.025 Mhz
Input Frequency 449.025 Mhz
Analog/Digital Mode Primarily D-STAR Digital, but also locally repeats FM analog
Analog FM Tone Access and Squelch 88.5 Hz tone required for input, output has 88.5 Hz tone for squelch
Use tone squelch to prevent hearing digital transmissions
TX Power High (25W)
Repeater Hardware ICOM model ID-RP4010V with 3rd Generation Gateway Software
Antenna Vertical gain antenna on rooftop mast
Internet Linking Fully Supported, DPLUS Gateways and Reflectors only
Normally Connected to Reflector: REF029A
Link Automation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week connected to our home reflector: REF029A
May be unlinked from REF029A via RF commands from D-STAR radios
May be linked to any other REF reflector via RF commands
Will return to REF029A automatically if unlinked and after 5 minutes of inactivity
Will stay connected to other reflectors if they are busy, for up to 4 hours.