Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

Saturday Night D-STAR Net
7PM Pacific time (02:00 UT) Every Saturday Night on Reflector REF029A
Thanks to the Northern Utah Technical Society for allowing us to use the REF029 Reflector!

The Saturday night D-STAR net originates from the home of the Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts Amateur Radio Club, in Spokane Washington.

Join us using your D-STAR radios, hotspots and nodes. Also connect to the WA7DRE D-RATS Ratflector to participate in the on-line chat that usually goes on during the net. Details on connecting to the ratflector are here.

Some of the usual Net Control Hosts:

WA7BFN, "Duff" Johnson

KA7FVV, Scott Harvey

K1RR, Glen Ahlborn