Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts Amateur Radio Club maintains an APRS Digipeater and bi-directional I-gate. This facility listens on the North American standard APRS frequency (144.390 Mhz) for 1200 baud packet radio digital data formatted for use with the Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS)

As a digipeater, it is less useful because it is NOT located high on a mountain. But, it is a bi-directional APRS I-gate, so it can hear packets repeated by other nearby digipeaters that ARE high on a mountaintop. It can then report those packets to the Internet based global APRS-IS network so anyone in the world can see the information. Also, any packets from the global APRS-IS network, destined for stations nearby, will be transmitted by the WA7DRE APRS I-gate transceiver. If the destination station cannot receive the packets directly, other nearby digipeaters will echo the packets to help ensure the packets are received.

A good place to find, and monitor, stations reporting to the APRS-IS network: http://aprs.fi/

To learn more about the entire APRS system: http://aprs.org/

The WA7DRE APRS Digipeater and I-gate is composed of the following hardware and software:

For more information about this Digipeater and I-gate, or to report a problem, please contact:
Randy Wilkinson
email: w 4 l k s (at) h v a c w a r e . n e t
phone: 509-993-7739