Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

Information about our repeater site and host

We owe a great debt of gratitude to our partners at Providence/Sacred Heart Medical Center and Childrens Hospital. We asked if they would be willing to team with us to provide great emergency and amateur digital radio communications for the Spokane area, and they immediately said yes. They have been very helpful setting up power and an Internet connection for our repeater cabinet and gateway computer.

The repeater cabinet is powered by the emergency power circuits at the hospital. In the event of a power outage, the hospital's emergency generator will come on within a minute or two. A UPS battery in the repeater cabinet will keep the D-STAR repeater system operating until the generator comes on.

The hospital has graciously created an Internet connection for us, including the required port forwarding needed by our gateway computer. Their Internet connection is extremely reliable and plenty fast for our purposes.

In addition to all of that, the good folks at Providence/SHMC also allowed us to place two antennas on the roof of the hospital. A high gain vertical colinear antenna on a 10' mast is installed for each of the 440 Mhz and 1.2 Ghz repeaters.

The site gives us great coverage in the Spokane area. Our signal goes North and East especially well. Since the roof of the hospital is still a lower elevation than the Spokane South Hill, coverage to the south is not as good.