Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

Registration of your callsign for use on D-STAR

While you are able to transmit to the WA7DRE D-STAR repeater without registering your callsign, your transmissions will not be forwarded to other linked gateways or reflectors unless your callsign is registered on at least one DPlus gateway, either ours, or any other. Also, your callsign must be programmed into your transceiver exactly the way it was registered. If you are wondering why others on linked repeaters or reflectors cannot hear you, it may be because your have not registered your callsign properly, or you have not programmed your callsign into your radio. Once your callsign is properly registered, you can be heard through our gateway to any other DPlus enabled D-STAR gateway or reflector. You'll also be able to issue linking and control commands to cause our gateway to link to other systems.

New D-STAR users can register their callsign here, on the WA7DRE repeater and gateway system.

After requesting approval for registration of your callsign for D-Star operation on the WA7DRE gateway, be sure to alert the Owners/Admins so we know you are waiting for approval. Please send a message to sysadmins@wa7dre.org once you have completed the registration request.

To get started, please follow these D-STAR self-registration instructions: