Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The WA7DRE Yaesu Fusion repeater system is privately owned by Glen-K1RR and others. Thanks to Scott-KA7FVV, Duff-WA7BFN and Randy-W4LKS for providing components to make a complete system and get it on the air. Thanks also to Action Recycling for hosting the repeater site and providing a high-speed Internet connection to allow Wires-X connectivity.

The WA7DRE Yaesu Fusion Repeater is a Yaesu DR-1X repeater system complete with HRI-200 Wires-X Internet interface for linking to other Fusion nodes. The Internet interface computer is purpose built for years of trouble free operation. It contains no movings parts, spinning fans or rotating hard drives. It is 100% solid state.

Wires-X linking is working for analog and digital transmissions coming in from other nodes and rooms. Wires-X linking for digital only transmissions is still not available from Yaesu. All transmissions, whether from an analog or digital source, will be converted to a digital signal for output by the repeater. This is a digital input only Fusion repeater, analog input in FM mode is ignored.

Repeater Usage Information
Primary Control Operator Glen Ahlborn, K1RR
Output Frequency 443.525 Mhz
Input Frequency 448.525 Mhz
Analog/Digital Mode Digital Only
TX Power Medium (25W)
Antenna Vertical colinear on 12' mast, 25' above ground
CTCSS (PL) Tone None - Not Applicable
Tone Squelch Encoding None
Wires-X Support Full - HRI-200 Enabled
Wires-X Node Number 11375
Internet Linking Enabled
Normally Connected to #21375 [-WESTCOASTLINK-]
DTMF Tone for Disconnect Use Wires-X features
DTMF Tone for Connect Use Wires-X features

Click the map below to see the coverage area. Hit refresh on your browser to go back to the map.
Green = Handheld coverage, Yellow = Base or Mobile coverage