Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

The Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts is a Washington Non-Profit Corporation, and an FCC licensed amateur radio club.

October, 2018

Our purpose is to promote and enjoy digital radio communications with other radio amateurs world-wide, and to help local amateur radio stations within our coverage area to access world-wide digital radio communications. In case of an emergency, either within our coverage region, or elsewhere in the world where we can be of service, our facilities and resources shall be available on a priority basis, to help with emergency communications whenever reasonably possible. In addition, it shall be a valid purpose of this organization to promote itself as a benevolent organization and to benefit our local users amateur radio activities and improve our organization’s good reputation and public relations within our community.

For the time being, our main focus will be the operation and support of the WA7DRE repeater systems. Our constitution and bylaws will allow an expanded purpose with members, benefits, dues and regular meetings someday. For now, our purpose is deliberately simplified.