Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts

As required by the FCC Part 97 rules for an amateur radio club, the WA7DRE club has a minimum of four members. To comply with our constitution and bylaws, we have a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These four officers are as follows:

WA7DRE Club Officers - 2020-2021 term
Role Name Callsign Contact
President Glen Ahlborn K1RR glen@k1rr.com
Vice President Randall Wilkinson W4LKS w4lks@hvacware.net
Secretary Duff Johnson WA7BFN duffsvoiceovers@gmail.com
Treasurer Don Wilkinson W7SSK don_wilkinson@msn.com
Callsign Trustee Glen Ahlborn K1RR glen@k1rr.com
WA7DRE Administration
Mailing Address
WA7DRE Founding Document WA7DRE FCC License
Washington Digital Radio Enthusiasts
9721 S. Cheney St.
Cheney, WA 99004-9113